The medical tourism market in Albania is expected to grow.

Private clinics, cheaper prices, and the effort to provide quality seem to have recently attracted foreign visitors who have chosen our country as a destination to get an “Albanian smile”. In 2019, health tourism increased by 8.1% more than in 2018. According to the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), there were 658 foreign citizens who visited Albania for health tourism in 2019. This growing number is confirmed by the dentist and cosmetician Arisa Bidaj.

“In this case, we can talk about dental tourism, which is very widespread. Foreign clients with various agencies working with foreign patients, who bring them to Albania to perform both dental services and temporary stay”, says Arisa Bidaj.

As far as the economic conditions are concerned, ” that it is a factor that mainly affects Albanian patients, that although there is no lack of awareness of dental health care, unlike foreigners, prices are high for their budget.

“Once given the opportunity to come to Albania to perform dental services, this is their first choice. Also, many Albanians repair their teeth before going to a foreign country,” says Arisa Bidaj.

Anjeza is an Albanian girl who recently lived in Germany but uses the services in Albania to perform dental services.

“I was in Germany for a short time, but I came back here for dental services, although it seems a bit expensive for our salaries,” says Anjëza Rrahmani.

Vania Tonello, is an Italian tourist who proves that she has chosen Albania as a destination not only to spend her holidays but also to make visits for dental health.

“I benefited immediately after my arrival here to use the time to get dental services. And since then I have not separated and every year I have benefited from it because I found the professionalism and obviously cheaper prices,” says Vania Tonello.

Plastic surgeon Sokol Isaraj, who works in one of the medical centers in Tirana, says on the microphone of Report TV that another medical tourism group that has been cultivated in Albania in recent years is those seeking cosmetic surgery, including various types of plastic surgery.

“The only explanation is the cost, any medical procedure in Albania is less expensive, at least for cosmetic surgery than in other countries. Surgical procedures are felt in the same way in terms of cost, both by Albanians here and those coming from abroad,” explains Dr Isaraj.

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