Benja Thermal Baths, Albania

5 Best Thermal Spas & Hot Springs in Albania

Albania is a land of natural treasures, boasting majestic mountain ranges, scenic rivers, stunning beaches, and therapeutic thermal water springs with excellent healing properties.

 Thermal Spas & Hot Springs in Albania :

Elbasan Spa

Elbasan Spa is one of the most popular in the country. This is because it is one of the few centers used in nearby thermal waters for decades, where health tourism is developing authentically. The Elbasan Spa has been known and used since Roman times. The Elbasan thermal baths contain scalding sulfur waters, which are created at a depth of about 13000 meters from the earth’s surface, at high pressure and temperature, due to the combination of oxygen with hydrogen and other chemicals. Driven by the high pressure of the gas, they reach the surface through rocky cracks. The water analysis of these springs was carried out in a specialized way by Czech engineers, who identified high therapeutic values. Numerous respiratory tract diseases, nervous system, skin, stomach, etc. are treated here.

Benja Thermal Baths

Benja Thermal Baths, Albania

The specialists consider them the best in Europe. The thermal springs of Bënjë, also known as Bënjë Spa, are located 14 kilometers from the southern town of Përmet in the municipality of Petran, only 3 kilometers from where the Vjosa River joins the Lëngarica stream. Their peculiarity is that they are open sources in nature. The temperature of these waters is 26 -¬ 32. C.

Four sources are used for chronic rheumatic diseases, one source for stomach ailments, and one source for skin diseases. One of the sources is also used to treat stomach diseases, while another one is used for skin treatments. Other treatments are for chronic rheumatic diseases. The water temperature ranges from 26 to –32 C. Sulphur-based has very high healing effects.

Leskovik thermal waters

Leskovik thermal waters

They are otherwise known as the sources of Vronomer. It is located 10 kilometers south of the town of Leskovac. They are thermal springs rich in various salts, which treat different types of diseases. The water temperature is between 29 ¬ and 40 ¬. C. Also, here there is a center that offers accommodation, medical care, and hotel services.

Peshkopi spa

Peshkopi spa

These spas come from the chalk formations of Mount Korab. They are two sources of sulfur with a temperature of 35 ¬- 43.5 ° C and a flow rate of 14 liters per second. They contain potassium and sulfates. Their effects are fantastically related to respiratory diseases: bronchial asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, diabetes, skin diseases, and gynecological problems.

Bilaj’s thermal springs

These springs are located on the national road Vora ¬ Fushë Krujë in the village of Bilaj, near the Gjola bridge. They are the closest sources to Tirana. The springs of these thermal waters emerge from the deposits of the Ishm valley. These springs are rich in minerals such as calcium, salts, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. The water temperature is 55 degrees Celsius. Thanks to these waters, it can cure rheumatism, skin, and nervous system problems.

The Final recommendations

The best time to attend the spa is related to their location.
The two most recommended seasons are spring and autumn, but winter and summer are not excluded. The latter is less recommended due to the increase in temperatures. Since diseases subject to this type of treatment are defined, you should consult your doctor about which sputum should be visited. After learning all the benefits that the body brings, health, and tranquility, it is time to consider health tourism and use the infinite resources of our country’s thermal waters.


  1. where is the location / address of the Elbasan Spa. And the other spas ?

    1. Adelbert Ringwald says:

      Elbasan Llixha Hotel Boci

  2. Which spa is best for the winter?

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