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The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Albania

Thanks to its Riviera and splendid beaches, Albania has become one of the main European tourist destinations in recent years. But which are the most beautiful Albanian beaches? Here is the list of the most popular beaches in the country of Eagles.


Ksamil Albania
Ksamil Albania

The village of Ksamil has numerous attractive beaches, so finding an area you like will not be challenging. Not surprisingly, it is one of Europe’s summer havens and one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, especially in July and August.

The sand is bright, and the sea turquoise and shallow; many bars and restaurants are on the beach. The lido is connected with shuttles from Saranda.


gjipe beach Albania
Gjipe beach Albania

One of the hidden pearls of Albania is certainly the beach of Gjipe. Tourists can go there by boat or car, although in the latter case, they will then have to continue on a stretch of road on foot to the coast.

The beach is surrounded by high rocks, which gives the feeling of being on a secret island, not an ordinary beach. The water is crystal clear with beautiful shades of dark.

Karaburun beach

Karaburun beach
Karaburun beach

This beach is within the Karaburun-Sazan National Park, the only marine park in the country. The reserve extends for two kilometers near the bay of Vlora.

The park has Roman ruins and wrecks from the Second World War. The area is ideal for scuba diving due to the cliffs and underwater caves.


Dhermi Albania
Dhermi Albania

With one of the most extended coasts in the south (6 km long), beautiful bays, excellent accommodation, and vibrant nightlife, the beach offers a unique atmosphere for all tourists.



It is one of the largest cities in southern Albania and has a new boulevard full of bars, cafes, restaurants, fast-food outlets, and much more.

The many beaches of Himara and its strategic position – from where all the most beautiful beaches in the south are easily accessible – are just some of the reasons why many visitors choose Himara as a vacation spot.

The old castle, churches, delicious restaurants, traditional houses, and modern tourist services make this place perfect for a 360-degree summer experience.


Saranda Albania
Saranda Albania

Saranda is a city on the sea, in front of the island of Corfu. Even in the city, you can take advantage of a swim in a crystal clear sea. The beach is pebbly and well served. On the promenade, there are restaurants and bars for all tastes.

Furthermore, just a short distance from the city center, you can go to other attractive beaches such as the ‘Pasqyrat’ beach.

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Livadhi Beach Albania
Livadhi Beach Albania

If you visit Himara, it is also mandatory to go to Livadh beach, located only a few kilometers away.

The beach is one of the longest in the country and has become famous for its dark waters and olive trees.

Gramë bay

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Albania, Gramë bay, is a beautiful destination to spend the summer days by the sea, near Vlora.

You can only go there by boat and offer camping services. But it is good to remember to bring with you food and water and everything you need for the day because the area does not offer other types of services.

Velipoje Beach

velipoje beach Albania
velipoje beach Albania

In the north of Albania, almost on the border with Montenegro, the small Velipoje boasts all the characteristics of a perfect seaside town: a long beach, many services for tourists, and typical restaurants where you can taste excellent fish dishes. The country’s real attraction is represented by over ten kilometers of coast bathed by the Adriatic Sea’s clear waters, which overlooks a beach of fine sand, particularly rich in iodine.


Vlore Albania
seaside Vlora Albania

Vlora is undoubtedly the tourist seaside resort par excellence of Albania. If you want to spend a holiday in a place that offers you fun and beautiful beaches, this is the one for you. If you don’t want to move to discover Vlora’s surroundings, the city beach itself offers you soft sand and clear waters for a day of relaxation or the sport of your choice.


Durres beach
Durres beach

Along the northernmost coast of Albania, Durres is a pretty seaside resort loved by younger tourists and families with children because of the many entertainments offered on the beaches, the low sea, and the mostly sandy coast.

The city beach is known for the numerous sports activities tourists offer beach volleyball, soccer, bowling, and fishing. But, in Durres’s surroundings, the best-known seaside resorts are Golem and Mali I Robit, two marvelous beaches of clear sand long kilometers, perfectly equipped with bars and umbrellas to ensure visitors’ relaxation.

Quieter and more secluded, but absolutely to be included in the travel itinerary, is instead the Plazhi i Gjeneralit, a small horseshoe-shaped bay nestled between two rocky promontories and surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation.


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