The Karaburun Peninsula: A Suggestive Delight

Suppose you plan to spend your next holidays in Vlora or nearby, such as Orikum and Radhimë. In that case, you cannot miss visiting Karaburun, Albania’s only national marine park.

Karaburun penisula, Albania

It is an enchanting place where the beauty and quiet of nature envelop anyone who decides to go on an excursion to this place of peace. The sea is the only way to reach the largest peninsula in Albania. It extends approximately 15 km and is just under 30 km from Vlore.

The road can be traveled by car up to Orikum, where, unless you have a specific permit to enter the military and marine reserve, you must park the vehicle and continue by boat. You can rely on organized transport if you don’t feel like renting your own.

Kepi i Gjuhëzës

One of the pearls that Karaburun offers is Kepi i Gjuhëzës, located on its northernmost tip, a magical place that offers an uncontaminated coastline of rare beauty. If you love caves, know that you can indulge yourself, as the jaggedness that characterizes the coast will allow you to visit enchanting caves.

Haxhi Aliu Cave

Shpella e Haxhi Aliut

The most famous one is the cave of the pirate Haxhi Ali (in Albanian, “Shpella e Haxhi Aliut”). Also called the Illyrian cave is characterized by a suggestive waterfall, which descends on the back wall. It is said that a famous warrior and sailor named Haxhi Ali took refuge here with his son and that, in collaboration with the shepherds, he defended merchants and travelers from pirate attacks.

In addition to being a tourist attraction and offering a wonderful view, the cave has an inestimable geological value, as it is embellished with stalactites formed over the centuries.

Grama Bay

Grama Bay, Albania

Another wonderful cove not to be missed, located in the westernmost part of the peninsula, is the Bay of Grama (in Albanian Gjiri i Gramës), which in addition to being a place historically known for the ships, over time, has hosted, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Albania, with very white sand and uncontaminated nature.

This gem that divides the Bay of Vlora from the Canal of Otranto is a small corner of paradise. It is not intended to be a slogan but an invitation to visit Karaburun and be fascinated by its beauties.

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