Ujvara Resto Lounge & Gourmet, Tirana, Albania

10 Best Restaurants in Tirana, Albania

Choosing a favorite restaurant in Tirana, Albania, is a joyful task with hundreds of possibilities depending on the occasion, mood, and price range.

To give you an understanding of Albania’s varied cuisine culture, we’ve tried to put together various types of restaurants in this list.

Enjoying the delicious food is one of the best parts of traveling to a different place, and there are all kinds of restaurants in Tirana where you can indulge your appetite.

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No matter how you’re feeling or what your budget is, Tirana is a great spot to treat yourself. In search of a fancy meal? Trying to spend under $10? No problem. In Tirana, anything is possible.

The good news is that, almost always, the food is fantastic, regardless of the location, interior design, or price range.

You can basically find anything on this list, from juicy, tender steaks or the finest French cuisine to the mouth-watering Albanian traditional food.

The following are (some of) the absolute best restaurants in Tirana:

Kripë dhe Piper


Kripe dhe piper restaurant, Tirana

In addition to having a warm and friendly atmosphere, Kripë & Piper is a high-class Italian restaurant with a distinctive menu of Italian, Mediterranean, and seafood specialties such as delicious ravioli, flawlessly cooked seabream, and more.

Based on the visitors’ opinions, waiters serve tasty salads, grilled tuna, and great pasta. Guests also suggest cheesecake and tiramisu for dessert.

The convenient location of this place makes it easy to reach even during rush hours.

And the best part? This restaurant is considered to have reasonable prices, so you can get classy plates for less. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive, right?

The Crown Tirana Restaurant & Bar


The Crown Tirana Restaurant & Bar

If you’re looking for a posh restaurant for brunch, lunch, or dinner – you came to the right place. At The Crown, you can enjoy the ultimate experience of fine dining that offers this luxury feel!

French cuisine seemed to be their biggest advantage, but they also offer Italian, Mediterranean, and international cuisine.

Located at the center of Tirana, we can all say that this place’s name fits it perfectly!



Oda Restaurant, Tirana

The purest type of traditional Albanian cuisine may be found at Oda. Trying the local cuisine is a big part of exploring a new country, so you should definitely order some Albanian food there!

The restaurant was given the intriguing name “Oda,” which refers to a typical large room in an Albanian traditional home used by the host to welcome and amuse the guests.

Ujvara Resto Lounge & Gourmet

Ujvara Resto Lounge & Gourmet, Tirana, Albania

Located in the heart of Tirana, Ujvara has been the city’s famous hangout spot since 1991.

This is a high-standard restaurant with amazing dishes and good prices. People love the brown-noise music and the warm table lighting that’s there.

If you’re looking for a romantic date or a business meeting – this place can rock both!

The location is simple to get to, the food is excellent, and the head chef consistently strives to serve the finest dishes. You can find Japanese, European, Mediterranean, Italian cuisine, and more here.

Zgara Supreme 2


Zgara Supreme 2

This is a budget-friendly location where you may enjoy drinks while eating BBQ or grilled meals. Many visitors come to try perfectly cooked tavë kosi, grilled meat, and salads.

You will be pleasantly surprised about the amount of food you’re going to get, its quality and the money you will pay after.

Besides, it’s easy to find Zgara Supreme 2 due to its great location.

Era Bllok


Era Bllok

Era offers both international and traditional cuisine, the best of both worlds!

Era ‘Blloku’ serves perfectly cooked broth, pizza, and aglio. Tasty parfait and yogurt have an appetizing taste. However, these are only a few of the tasty dishes. The modern décor and the cozy atmosphere make clients feel relaxed and “at home”.

If you’re looking for a bigger outside space, you can always visit Era ‘Villa.’

Lift Steak & Rooftop Bar


Lift Steak & Rooftop Bar, Tirana

LIFT is about representing a concept of a classic and sophisticated steakhouse combined with the style and vibes of a nightlife experience This luxury restaurant offers a modern and stylish rooftop, mixing sophisticated steakhouse with nightlife vibes.

Located at Aba Business Center, one of the most iconic commercial buildings of the city of Tirana, LIFT Steak & Rooftop Bar invites you to ‘take the flavor to the next level’.

The venue mixes a sleek and stylish interior dining room with a spacious, lush, and modern rooftop terrace. Equipped with both dining tables and comfy lounge spots, the terrace is surrounded by fantastic views over Tirana, the surrounding mountains, and the close by Air Albania Stadium.

Filled with a cosmopolitan and entertaining atmosphere, LIFT Steak & Rooftop Bar is truly a one-of-a-kind venue in Tirana. Bring your friends for a sunny weekend brunch, a loved one for a romantic dinner, or enjoy summer nights with vibes and live DJs under the starry sky.

Roby’s Burger Albania


Roby's Burger Albania

If you’re looking for the juiciest burger ever, just try Roby’s Burger! Located in one of the most preferable neighbourhoods of Tirana, this place makes the best burgers in town and the crispiest fries you’ll ever try.

Roby’s is a new gem in Tirana and people seem to love it already!

The Rooms Restaurant


The Rooms Restaurant, Tirana

Being one of the best places for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, this restaurant serves tasty ravioli, fillet steaks, and smoked salmon. Following the guests’ opinions, waiters offer good tiramisu and delicious ice cream here. This place is also known for its house wine.

Prices are affordable and, as many guests remark, the atmosphere is spectacular.

“The Rooms” is a cozy place with street views and diverse dishes!



Opened first in 2006, Amor restaurant is still one of the best restaurants in town because it is the right mixture of delicious food, fair prices, good service, and a nice atmosphere.

This cozy place it’s the perfect option if you’re on a date, out for a formal dinner or if you just want to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with friends.

Amor is a solid restaurant, from the top-notch dishes that are so very well presented, to the other details like the wine choice, the service, and often you can also find delicacies brought in from abroad. Don’t forget to ask for the specials when you go there.

Now, go out there and explore the awesome food Tirana offers!

Although we made an effort to include as many locations as possible, Tirana has many more excellent restaurants serving traditional meals, Korean food, Turkish delicacies, Greek gyros, etc.

It’s also crucial to note that the majority of the restaurants mentioned above also offer vegetarian-friendly plates and vegan and/or gluten-free options.

Additionally, ranking the top restaurants is subjective and might change based on individual preferences and tastes. However, we are confident that you will adore every location stated above and more!

Enjoy and travel safely 🙂

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