Best Restaurants in Albania

7 Best Restaurants in Albania

To not visit a country’s food outlets or restaurants is an abomination. However, treating yourself to a well-cooked meal rich with a region’s delicious and unique flavors is essential. Throughout Albania, and in Tirana mainly, there are plenty of places that serve delicious and mouth-watering food. Here, we have listed some of the best finds in the country:

From cozy café and roadside establishments to top gourmet restaurants, Albania has a rich food scene that is popular among all travelers – and even the locals. If you are planning to go to Albania, make sure that you visit the following places:

The Best Restaurants in Albania


Mullixhiu Restaurant, Albania

Straight out of the kitchen of Chef Bledar Kola, who had previously worked at the world-famous Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma, the food at this eatery is divine, and we are being modest here. The traditional Albanian dishes are prepared with a modern touch that results in unique tastes. Located near Tirana’s artificial lake, on a daily basis, the restaurant sees a large number of customers.

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Salt Restaurant, Albania

In the mood for a dinner date with your partner? Then, SALT is the right place. Offering exquisite ambiance and delicious food, SALT is a fantastic place to visit. The place is a heaven for sushi lovers who must make sure to visit it on their trip to Albania. The restaurant is in Tirana and is very easy to find.

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Artigiano at Vila

Artigiano at vila Restaurant, Tirana

If you are looking for a great Italian restaurant, Artigiano at Vila should be on the top of your list. It is popular among both locals and tourists for its finger-licking good Italian food.

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Sky Club

While having dinner, if you want to enjoy breath-taking views, you must head to Sky Club. The restaurant is located on the highest floor of Sky Hotel and offers a great view of the Tirana landscape. The wonderful thing about this place is the rotating platform on which it is located. In an hour’s time, the room starts spinning to give you a complete view of the landscape.

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Oda Restaurant Tirana

For authentic Albanian cuisine, Oda is the place to be. Located near the famous Pazari I Ri market, the place offers great Albanian delicacies. The place is also a favorite among locals who are in love with its traditional flavors.

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Noor Fine Food & Coffee

Noor Fine Food & Coffee

For a healthy and light lunch and a cup of coffee, head to Noor Fine Food & Coffee that is located in Tirana, Albania. The café also provides a

calm atmosphere. The place is an Instagrammable spot – perfect for cool photography. Also, if you want to get your office-related work done, you can take your laptop to the café and work in a quiet and aesthetically pleasing place.

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Mrizi i Zanave

Mrizi i Zanave Restaurant Albania

A restaurant with its farm, vineyard, and vegetable garden, its own olive plantation, delicious wine, lovely nature of the countryside with historic significance sets the ground for a unique experience for many visitors. I’m referring to Mrizi I Zanave in the village Fishte of Zadrima commune. This place apart from the historic importance as the birthplace of Gjergj Fishta known as one of the most prominent figures of the Albanian literature and politics of the 19th century with significant contribution to the Albanian cause sets a fine example of a newborn social-economical tourism pattern in traditional Albanian gastronomy. The food is delicious, modern touch spicing up the local tradition. Everything 100% BIO, 100% Albanian. Freshly picked vegetable from the garden cooked and served in ceramic plates from a nearby ceramic business, dairy products such as goat or cattle cheese processed by the restaurant staff, country ham preserved down in their basement, red Kallmet wine from the local vineyards, local fruit dessert, originate an authentic dining experience even for locals.

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The Final Word

Are you planning your trip to Albania? Don’t forget to check out these wonderful eateries to experience the delicious Albanian food. From local to international cuisines, you can find everything in this little European country.

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