Best beaches in albania

The 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Albania

Albania has become one of the main European tourist destinations in recent years, thanks to its Riviera and its splendid beaches. But which are the most beautiful Albanian beaches? Here is the list of most popular beaches in the country … Read More

Albanian food

13 Must-Try Foods in Albania

Out of the many unique and unforgettable experiences that you can have in a foreign country, devouring scrumptious local food comes at the top. People who are traveling to Albania for the first time are in for the surprise of … Read More

Albanian Alps

Albanian Alps Travel Guide

It is the poorest country in Europe and, for a long time, also the most isolated: Albania. But a lot has changed in the last ten years: the country is stable, open and tourism is starting to take off. Rightly … Read More

Shopping malls in Albania

8 Best Shopping Places in Albania

How can a shopping mall not be on your to-do list? When in Albania, grab some cash and make sure that you visit everything from a local bazaar to a luxury shopping mall. After all, shopping is therapeutic – isn’t … Read More

albanian riviera

The Albanian Riviera Travel Guide

Holidays on the Albanian Riviera! That sounds good … The beautiful Albanian Riviera is located on the coast in the south of Albania. It starts from the municipality of Sarandë in the extreme south of Albania at the places of … Read More

Ohrid lake, North Macedonia

9 Things to Do in Lake Ohrid

On the border between North Macedonia and Albania is one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe. Lake Ohrid is a place where it is not crowded with tourists, but due to the beautiful surroundings, it is growing in … Read More

gjipe beach Albania

8 Best Places to Visit in Albania in Summer

In fact, because of its many mountains, the country is also called ‘the land of the eagles’. Travelers who have a keen interest in exploring natural sites are definitely going to have a prime time in the country as Albania … Read More

Kruja Albania

5 Unforgettable Day Tours in Albania

“Did you visit the spectacular place called Theth?” asked your friend after your return from Albania. You gave a blank look. Your friend then told you about one of the must-visit places in the country. How great would it have … Read More

albania national historic museum Albania

9 Best Museums to Visit in Albania

Albania is a relatively smaller country, which remained neglected by tourists for a long time. Ever since the country came out of the communist regime, it started witnessing an influx of tourists, excitedly exploring every nook and corner of the … Read More