Blue Eye, Albania

The Blue Eye in Albania

Among all the natural wonders of Albania, the beautiful Syri I Kalter, otherwise known as “Blue Eye,” is well worth a visit: a deep water spring located along the main road connecting Saranda to Gjirokaster, reachable by a comfortable drive followed by a nice 2 km walk through the wild landscape of the place. It is a natural monument with a free entrance, where we organize trips in small rowing boats or pedal boats to discover this mysterious mirror of blue water.

Discovering the Blue Eye

Located in the small village of Muzine, just about twenty kilometers from Saranda, Blue Eye is a beautiful karst spring located on the western slopes of Mount “Mali I Gjere.” The name “Blue Eye” is due to the particular conformation of this intense blue body of water, surrounded by white calcareous rock and immersed in the unspoiled nature of the place. The depth of the spring is unknown; although experts have probed it up to at least 50 meters, it is known for sure that the water has a temperature of just under 12°C, making the hypothesis of a dive valid only for the bravest tourists. Instead, for nature lovers, there is the possibility to explore this wonderful place full of small caves and watercourses, comfortably following the marked paths inside the park itself. There are also small restaurants offering traditional local dishes and a wonderful picnic area with tables surrounded by greenery.

How to get to the Blue Eye

Therefore, the Blu Eye is ideal for a day trip, perfect for trekking and nature lovers, and for young people curious to know the area’s beauty. However, it is more difficult to organize a trip if you have very young children in tow because the route requires a long walk on a dirt road. To reach Blue Eye, you will need to rent a car because there are no shuttles or public transport that arrive in this area: along the main road between Saranda and Gjirokaster, you will find a series of signs for “Tourist Attraction,” and following them, you will arrive at a parking lot where you have to leave your car and continue on foot. Already this short route, which runs next to the spring, will give you a breathtaking landscape that you will hardly forget, which is why the Blue Eye is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes in Albania.

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