Fllake Beach, Durres, Albania

Fllaka Beach in Durres, Albania

Although it has become a trendy destination in recent years, Albania still has many hidden beaches waiting to be visited by local and foreign tourists.

One of them is definitely the beach of Fllaka village in the district of Durres, whose beach extends just after the area of “Bishti i Pallës.” Only 11 kilometers from Durres, the beach of Fllaka is becoming a top-rated tourist destination over time, where you can relax in peace on a sandy beach with spotless water.

Fllaka Beach

Fllake Beach, Durres, Albania

The beach of Fllaka is increasingly popular due to its excellent geographical location, clear water, wide sandy coast, the beautiful green crown of pine forest, and service at affordable prices in restaurants.

This destination offers the possibility of total relaxation in an area yet to be discovered. However, more and more citizens of Tirana and Durres have already included it (and continue to do so) in the list of places to spend a pleasant and peaceful weekend.

Although investments are still minimal, they have increased in recent years, allowing tourists to choose between public and private beach.

Investments in bars and clubs for the moment are purely symbolic; however, you can still find some very nice places to have lunch or stop for a coffee. The premises are almost all built of wood, while the kitchens generally offer traditional meals.

The evenings on the beach in Fllaka offer several surprises: the few restaurants in this area have created a very nice and relaxing atmosphere, where you can spend pleasant evenings and where you can contemplate fantastic sunsets.

How to get to Fllaka Beach

From Tirana, you have to take the freeway in the direction of Durres. Once exited in Durres, you will have to continue north towards “Kepi i Rodonit” for about 10 km.

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