Shala River, ALBANIA

Shala River in Albania a Gem Set in the Albanian Alps

The cliff of the river Shala (Lumi i Shalës) has become one of the most attractive river destinations in the Albanian Alps in the last two years. The light blue water of the river offers adventurers a panorama that is very reminiscent of Thailand.

However, the road to this wonderful landscape is a long one. Tirana’s departure occurs before dawn because it will take about three hours to get to the starting point of the ships on Lake Koman: ferries leave at 6 and 9 am.

In any case, for a total of 90 euros (5 euros per person), the boats of about 20 places are made available to visitors to appreciate the most beautiful and interesting points of the river and the lake. The valley of the river Shala, an uncontaminated river area that has been included in the tourist guides of the various agencies in recent months, is attracting extraordinary attention, especially for its wonderful virgin nature and the opportunities it offers.

Visitors can enjoy the boat trip, climb the surrounding peaks, and dive into the cool waters of the Shala River. Despite this, the isolation and lack of visitors in recent years have meant that there are still limited accommodation capacities. In contrast, tourists from all over the country have emphasized not excellent service. The most common solution, at the moment, is to personally organize yourself with camping tents and immerse yourself in medieval legends.

According to one of them, in fact, Prince Lek Dukagjin, the second most important Albanian leader after the hero George Castriota Scanderbeg, spent years of his life in this area:

“The Shala River is a new attraction, recently frequented. It attracts visitors with its crystal clear water and wonderful nature”. – said for BIRN Eduard Kocli, tour guide of Albania Alpine Adventure agency.

Also, he added that this boom of tourists in the last two years had prompted people in the area involved in services and accommodation to seek development opportunities with initiatives that will finance agriculture to enjoy local products. After sunbathing and having lunch surrounded by nature, the same visitors return to the boats to enjoy the way back.

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