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A perfect trip to Albania!

Albania is a European country, and it is a top-rated tourist destination. There are a lot of things to see in this country. Many travel agents are providing different types of tours to travelers. Now, it’s upon to you which tour you want to prefer and how you want to begin your memorable journey. If you are visiting this place, then it would be great to explore the site.

The local guide could tell you about the top-most attractions of the place. One can ask to modify their journey as per their interest. Hence, here we are going to discuss some tours that are very famous in Albania. These are recommended by most of the travel agents or travel sites. One has to spend 1 or 2 weeks at least on seeing every beautiful location of this country.

5 Most famous tours of Albania:

  1. Saranda Tours: A Day-Trip:

Are you a fun lover? Do you love to enjoy on the shores of the beach? Then this day tour will be the most fantastic tour for any individual. The beautiful beaches available near the Borash are famous for their scenery and views. Qeparo village is located near to this beach that is becoming another popular destination in Albania. If you are going near the Borash beach, then you must visit the Ali Pasha Castle. Waterfall café is another famous attraction near this place. Therefore, try to add this day trip to your itinerary.

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  1. Shkodar city:

Now, if you are visiting Albania, then it is a must to add Shkoder to your itinerary. It is a beautiful city which is famous for its culture and street foods. Try to spend two days in Florian and visit the nearby beautiful island. One can also have a healthy lunch at the guest house. Now, in the evening, one can get the pleasure of seeing the sunset from Rosafa castle. Also, try to visit the Ottoman Castle if you are going for a tour in Shkoder city.

  1. Tour to Tirana:

When we are traveling to Tirana, I thought that the roads are properly constructed, and going through the countryside is just awesome. The high mountains and beautiful views are an add-on to the journey. Now, most of the tourists visit Tirana to hike in the high mountains. But, one thing which is not satisfying was the unguided tour without any signage. One will feel exhausted after complete the hike because of so much struggle in finding the ways on deep mountains with forest. Even though it is risky to go for a hike at such a place but, still those who are adventure lovers can visit at this place once.

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  1. Visit the most famous museums:

The museums are the best place to visit and know more about the site. Almost in every city of Albania, one will be able to find at least one museum. Now, try to visit and see what struggle the people have to face when it was being constructed. Even one will be able to know the great history and ruling parties. They have created history. Hence, it is essential to work accordingly and plan the trip. Try to research about the most famous museums and then add them to your itinerary.

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  1. Try to visit and stay in the most famous resorts:

There are many resorts on the shores of the Albanian Riviera that are famous for their service and view. They are working hard for travelers and providing all the necessary items. Hence, in this case, all these things become so important that one could see the beauty of the sea from their balcony. One has to book the famous resorts of the city they are planning to stay in. Tirana would be a suggestible place for the same.

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How to travel safely in Albania?

Now, while traveling, every individual needs to go safely and securely. Every travel agency and travel guide makes all the necessary arrangements for the people who are going with their tour guides. But, what about those who are traveling without any tour guide and prefer to travel by a self-guided tour. Then it is a challenge for all those people, and one has to face problems due to it.

Here is a perfect guide for Free individual travelers and self-guided tours:

  • The first thing that every person has to do who wants to travel alone is research about the place thoroughly.
  • Research is significant because if you are traveling with your family, then safety is the primary thing.
  • And in every country, there are few areas where visiting is not advisable by any authority.
  • Therefore check the history of the place and reviews before visiting.
  • It goes for all the hotels, sightseeing, restaurants, and other places. If you want to visit any of them, then cost research and then finalize your booking.
  • Now, in which aircraft or airline you are going to travel.
  • It is an essential question because your budget will decide which accommodation and the other things you can book.
  • After this, check the atmosphere and environment of that place and do your parking likewise.
  • It is essential to check the atmosphere of the site to travel safely with all the travel accessories.
  • Even though the country is safe for women, here are some tips that you should follow when you are out in a foreign country all by yourself.

What are the essential things that you have to take with you?

  1. First, take the medicines with you that could be used while traveling. You may get all the medication at any tourist destination, but in an emergency, you should have a few in your pocket always while traveling.
  2. Take some sanitizers and tissue papers to clean your hand before and after eating.
  3. If you are planning to go hiking in Albania, then try to take the best hiking shoes.
  4. Apart from this, one can purchase all the other essential things while traveling as per their requirements.

Why is Albania a very famous tourist destination?

People often ask why Albania is a very famous tourist destination in the world, although there are so many things to see. Hence some points could justify why Albania is a top-rated tourist destination.

  1. Best mountains and hiking facilities:

It is the most preferred place for adventure travelers who want to enjoy hiking. Hiking is a top-rated adventure all over the world. Therefore if you are a big adventure love and want to experience many adventurous activities then prefer this place for sure.

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  1. Beautiful beaches:

Now it is another advantage for the travelers that there are many beautiful beaches in Different cities of Albania. While roaming around the beaches, you will be able to eat through roadside vendors or try to be the delicacies of high-end restaurants.

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  1. Theatres and nightlife:

Although theatres or nightlife in many places are famous in Albania, roaming around on the streets at night will give you the most satisfying feeling. There are so many people on the streets in the night enjoying with their family and friends. It depends upon you how you want to spend the night.

  • Set your budget:

Before planning your journey and starting the trip, it is essential to set your budget.

  • First, plan your overall budget:

Your total budget will decide how much you can spend in different places. So try topics and an approximate budget for you.

  • Now, after this, try to check the tickets and booking of all the places:

Now you are going to enjoy this please, then it becomes essential to book the locations in advance where you want to visit. Even one has to book the tickets for airlines and accommodations at the Hotel in advance.

  • Try to take reference from locals:

The local people staying at these places are doing the best job. It is because they help the tourist to roam around a city. Local people know all about the city, hence, try to interact with them in the local markets.

You will be able to communicate with them in public places. Ask the local vendors to tell you the best place to do the shopping and try to explore the local markets.

It would be a great journey while visiting these places. Hence, be safe & travel all the destinations infamous cities of Albania.


Now, as we have mentioned a lot of reasons for visiting the beautiful place Albania because it is a wholesome package for everyone. Every type of traveler could visit to see the beauty of Albania.

Making a perfect itinerary before starting your journey is very important. It is because, for any free individual Traveler, it will not be accessible to Travels smoothly. There are so many things that one has to look after before starting their journey. Even during the trip, there will be so many incidents that could happen. Hence one has to be prepared for that.

Explore Albania entirely and try to visit all the places that attract you as per your interest.

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